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333 EAST 46TH STREET // Turtle Bay
$1,075,000 // 0 Bdrms // cc: $2,435, tax: $0
20 WEST STREET // Financial District
$930,000 // 1 Bdrms // cc: $1,005, tax: $1,194
21-23 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET // Financial District
$920,000 // 1 Bdrms // cc: $951, tax: $511
21-23 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET // Financial District
$920,000 // 1 Bdrms // cc: $982, tax: $495
52 AVON PLACE // Tompkinsville
$880,000 // 5 Bdrms // cc: $0, tax: $530
88 GREENWICH STREET // Financial District
$730,000 // 1 Bdrms // cc: $985, tax: $844
424 WEST 46TH STREET // Hell's Kitchen
$449,000 // 0 Bdrms // mm: $817