New York is generally seen as one of the most rewarding real estate markets in the world and New York Residence is dedicated to helping our clients make money.

Even a single apartment in New York can be the best purchase you ever made, but many of our clients want more, and that is why we offer a wide range of options including prime commercial property.  

As an investor, you might have a specific strategy in mind: 

  • Do you want to benefit from New York’s fast-rising value of residential property? 
  • Perhaps your plan is to make money by renovating or improving property? 
  • Maybe you prefer the stable long-term cash flow that a retail space or an office building provides? 

Once we have established your priorities, our long-standing relationships in the New York real estate community will help us to quickly identify the right property for you. We will present the right property to you, and sometimes even deals that are not available on the open market. 

Please be in touch today! 

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