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Renting an apartment in Manhattan is no easy task. With the current vacancy rate of rentals in NYC well under 3%, it is imperative you have a broker with the knowledge and contacts to know when and where new rental listings will be available before anybody else submits an offer.

New York Residence has the experienced agents necessary to help you rent an apartment efficiently and affordably in the fast-paced Manhattan rental market.

As in all transactions, we will guide you through the process to ensure that your experience exceeds your expectations.

All New York Residence agents are fully licensed by the State of New York and are insured for a million dollars by Loyds of New York, so you may rent any of our listings with confidence.

We also manage a wide variety of apartments as our exclusive rental properties—many in new luxury condominium buildings in the most desirable locations. By renting one of our high-end apartments, you will benefit from the wide range of amenities these properties offer including hotel-style services, fitness centers and lounges.

A large number of our rental opportunities are located in Manhattan’s primary business districts and ideal for employees of the many companies headquartered in these areas. We have an extensive array of apartments available, including furnished units offered on flexible terms as short as one month. Contact us now to check on our current availabilities or select from the options below.

Rely on us to get the best rental deals in New York!

$23,500 Unfurnished // 3 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
33 WEST 56TH STREET // Midtown West
$14,800 Unfurnished // 3 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
15 WEST 61ST STREET, NEW YORK // Lincoln Square
$13,000 Unfurnished // 2 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
400 EAST 67TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10065 // Lenox Hill
$12,500 Unfurnished // 3 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
77 WASHINGTON PLACE // Greenwich Village
$12,000 Unfurnished // 2 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
33 WEST 56TH STREET // Midtown West
$12,000 Furnished // 3 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
33 WEST 56TH STREET // Midtown West
$12,000 Furnished // 2 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
165 WILLIAM STREET // Financial District
$8,800 Unfurnished // 0 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
53 WEST 53RD STREET, NEW YORK, NY // Midtown
$8,000 Unfurnished // 1 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
543 WEST 122ND STREET, NEW YORK NY // Morningside Heights
$7,400 Unfurnished // 2 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
45 ORCHARD STREET // Lower East Side
$6,875 Unfurnished // 4 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
247 WEST 46TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10036 // Midtown West
$6,500 Unfurnished // 2 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
33 WEST 56TH STREET // Midtown West
$6,500 Furnished // 1 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
125 WEST 21ST STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10011 // Flatiron District
$5,500 Unfurnished // 1 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE
205 WEST 76TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10023 // Upper West Side
$4,950 Unfurnished // 1 Bdrms // IMMEDIATE